Magical compound made of wood and stone

Natural stone is not a homogeneous industrial product, this is a product which is telling its story by its figure, and also has used less energy to be produced.Figures on its surface is the result of nature alteration and is not designed by men or machines there are no recycling problems because it’s just a part of nature.A fine product which is new in most countries and it is conformed.With all of ordinances (from traditional to modern)Most of building materials would look unpleasant after a while, but this stone will keeps its shininess and blaze, even some of them would be more beautiful with time lapse.Cleaning the natural stone is simple and cheap, even some floor stones can be as shining as first day , after a couple of centuries.Stones have spirit and authority, as many years ago they were known and used in medical purposes.Gem therapy” is the current name of this science that is known as complementary medicine.

You are free to choose any size, shape, and stone type and your product will be designed with your own ideas